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Toporivtsi Wedding

1. Making the bride's headpiece (Grandmother's work)
2. Making the bride's headpiece (Mother/pillow/ koda)
3. Rus'ka Dance  
4. Picking the periwinkle
5. Toasts
6. Visiting the "wedding father" and "wedding mother"
7. The groom's jacket
8. The bride's veil
9. Meeting in the middle of the village
10. Greeting the bride
11. The groom's arrival
12. The presentation of gifts

Ukrainian-Canadian Weddings Post-1970

1. Parents walking the bride down the aisle
2. Crowning in the church
3. Walking around the small altar
4. Throwing confetti
5. Guests arriving at the reception hall (Musicians at the door)
6. Bridal party arriving (Wedding march)
7. Presentation of gifts
8. First Dance
9. Butterfly
10. Kolomyika
11. Last dance
12. Family musicians at the popravyny on Sunday


Wedding Bread Photo
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