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Regional Differences

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Ukrainian-Canadian weddings vary from region to region and from rural to urban settings across Canada. Some of these differences result from specific immigration patterns of Ukrainians into Canada. Others have arisen from ethnic, economic, social geographic and other factors which vary from place to place within Canada.

Differences between eastern and western Canada are quite distinct, while more subtle divisions (somewhat along provincial borders) are the evident in the prairies. These differences are seen in the food served, the music played and the rituals practiced.

Canadians of Ukrainian descent in rural Alberta may hire a band that plays Ukrainian polkas as well as country music. In Toronto the ritual of a "veil dance" may be praticticed during the wedding reception, where young single girls dance with the bride's veil in the hope that it will transfer "good luck" to them and hasten their own weddings. In Saskatchewan the ritual of a "mock wedding" may be practiced on the day following the wedding at the popravyny, whereas in Manitoba a "wedding social" a few months before the wedding may be help as a means to raise money to off-set some of the wedding-related costs.


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