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The Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives continues to actively collect information on Ukrainian wedding traditions in Canada, Ukraine and elsewhere around the world. We wish to amass hundreds of specific wedding descriptions so that we can compare them and learn about patterns in the traditions over time and space.

If you have information about a specific wedding that contained Ukrainian elements, you are invited to describe them in as much detail as you wish and to submit them to the Ukrainian Folklore Archives for permanent preservation. Please identify the specific time and location of the wedding(s) you describe.

This information, once accessioned by the Archives, may be used by students and other researchers. Names will be withheld from the descriptions if you so request. The information you provide will be used for educational purposes only, and not for commercial purposes without your specific permission.

Please include your Email address and/or telephone number and a note if you have additional information (more memories, photographs, sound recordings, videos, etc) of which a copy can be deposited in the Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives. If you have any questions, contact the Ukrainian Folklore Centre (send the note in the text box below, or use the address in the "About Us" tab on this web site).


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