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Ukrainian Weddings Exhibit Home


Term (Ukrainian) Description
blahoslovennia благословення a blessing
darovannia даровання a presentation of gifts
derevtse деревце a wedding tree
divych vechir дівич вечір a maiden’s evening
dopyty допити a ceremony of inquiries about a perspective bride or groom
druzhba дружба a groom’s senior bestman
druzhka дружка a bridesmaid, a female member of the bride’s party
hil’tse гільце a branch used as a wedding tree
kolach колач a ritual bread
komora комора a storeroom, in a traditional village farmstead is prepared
korovai коровай a wedding bread
korovainytsia коровайниця a woman who makes the wedding breads
ohliadyny оглядини an inspection of the groom’s and his family’s assets
perepii перепій a toast, a ceremony with a toast and alcoholic drink
perezva перезва a post-wedding party
pidstarosta підстароста an assistant matchmaker
poizd поїзд a wedding train
pokhid похід a wedding procession
popravyny поправини a celebration which occurs the day after the wedding
posad посад a corner of honour, where the bride and groom would sit
rozhliadyny розглядини an inspection of the groom’s family’s assets
rozpletyny розплетини a unplaiting of the bride’s hair
starosta староста a matchmaker who conducts most of the wedding ceremonies
svakha сваха a middle-aged woman who participates in various wedding rituals
svatannia сватання the matchmaking ceremony
tsyhanshchyna циганьщина "gypsy raids" - a mock wedding that sometimes takes place near the end of a wedding celebration
uhovoryny уговорини an agreement
vesil’nyi den’ весільний день a wedding day
vesillia весілля a wedding
vesillia u molodoho весілля у молодого celebrations at the groom’s house
vesillia u molodoi весілля у молодої celebrations at the bride’s house
vinchannia вінчання a church wedding ceremony
vinkopletennia вінкоплетення a wreath-weaving
vino віно a dowry
vinok вінок a wreath
vyhuliannia вигуляння buying of the bride’s wreath and bouquets
zapovidi заповіді marriage banns
zaprosyny запросини the invitation of wedding guests
zaruchyny заручини an engagement ceremony


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